Helpful To-do Things to Ease Kids into Kindergarten

Things and activities to prepare when children are at the age to start kindergarten




Kindergarten offers many advantages to children. It is a venue where they build relationships and learn how to interact with their peers. It is also a place where life lessons are learned. However, most children will find it quite difficult to go to a new environment and deal with people they have not met before.

Going to school is both exciting and scary for your child. Entering a new and unfamiliar environment full of new people can cause anxiety to your child. Hence, preparing for kindergarten can be both challenging and anxiety-causing for both of you. You may even think that your child is not yet ready for school. That’s why it is important for parents to make preparations when your children are at the age to start kindergarten. Here are some helpful ways to prepare your child in starting school life.

Make your child comfortable with the idea of school

Months before your child starts kindergarten, slowly introduce schooling in your conversations. Talk about the fun activities and exciting things that your little angel will experience while inside the classroom. Ask your little one to talk about how he/she feels about going to school. Assure them that you will help in solving whatever problems they will encounter in school.

Your little one will also need to learn how to relate to others, including future classmates and teachers. Teach them the concepts of sharing and listening. Let them be comfortable in introducing themselves to children their age. This will help them in making friends at school.

Getting ahead with school activities

Get your toddler accustomed to what he/she will be doing there. Introducing crayons and coloring activities during playtime will greatly help. Colorful materials will also make it easier for you to keep your little scholar’s attention during play-study sessions. Buying ABC pictures for kindergarten will help your kid learn and remember the alphabet quicker.

Making educational flashcards such as animal drawings for kindergarten and addition pictures is also a fun parent-child activity in itself. You can use these educational materials to acquaint your kid with animals and numbers. These activities will not only help your toddler familiarize with what they will be doing in school, but also help them excel.

On the first day

The first thing that you should do on your child’s first day in kindergarten is to introduce him/her to the teacher. Allow the teacher to talk to your child and start building a relationship. This will show your toddler that they are safe and that their teacher will take care of them.

Leaving your child on their first day at kindergarten can be very hard, but you should do it in a short and loving way. Never leave your child without saying goodbye, as this will make them feel abandoned. Making a short goodbye ritual will make this easier for both you and your child. Some parents make funny faces while saying goodbye, while others wave in a certain way. Also, if the kindergarten permits, leave your child with their comfort toys to make them feel safe inside the classroom.

Time may seem to fly very fast. Yesterday, you were teaching your baby to take their first step; today you are preparing your toddler for the first day of school. Kindergarten is an exciting and anxious time for both of you, but you should always remember to enjoy it and make it a magical experience.

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