The Joys of Becoming First Time Parents of a New Infant Child

Four simple joys of being a new parent revealed.


The joys of becoming first-time parents can overpower all the negative physical and emotional changes, anticipation, sleepless nights, and the roller-coaster of emotions that new parents often experience. For first-time parents, the experience of caring for a baby can even become frightening and too much. But with the fear also comes happiness and fulfillment. Experiencing parenthood for the first time may be overwhelming, but it can also be the most joyful time of your life.

Below are some of the great joys of becoming first-time parents.


Being Able to Finally Hold Your Child

You waited 9 long months, and now you finally get to hold your little bundle of joy. Contrary to what most believe, babies that are carried and held all the time actually don’t become overly dependent and clingy. Babies need that touch and physical contact with their parents, especially with their mothers. Studies found that they also cry less, grow to become happier, more independent, more intelligent, and more social compared to babies who spent most of their early months in cribs, swings, and infant seats.


Finding Purpose

Many parents say that they had never truly lived life until their first child was born. Having a baby is a life-altering experience. Now that you have a child to take care of, your perspective in life changes. It may not be an instant change, but you’ll soon realize that your priorities begin to shift, and you start thinking about the things that are more important to you. Most parents see their child as an inspiration that helped them find purpose.


Realizing that You Can Rise to Any Occasion

Life would definitely be easier if there was a manual on how you can be the best parent to your child. But unfortunately, there isn’t. Everyone has different experiences and realizations when caring for a child. But one of the joys of becoming first-time parents is that it can help you realize that you can rise to any occasion. As a parent, you’ll learn that you are actually capable of doing things you never thought you could do.


Priceless Moments

Your baby’s first smile, how challenging it was to change their diaper, the happiness you felt when they’re finally sound asleep, the funny noises they make . . . these priceless moments are definitely joys of becoming first-time parents. These irreplaceable instants make you realize that all the things you go through, good or bad, as a first-time parent is worth it.


This doesn’t mean that you won’t be making mistakes, but this is a part of growing and becoming a better parent. One day you’ll sit back and remember all the things you went through as a first-time parent and might just even pat yourself on the back.

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