Parenting a Teenage Daughter

Preparing your teen to survive the real world: 10 things to teach your daughter




Adolescence is the time when a child transitions to become an adult. This is a critical time in a person’s development, a time when a child needs most of her parents’ guidance to develop her own sense of wisdom. It is a time of self-discovery and creating an identity, upon which future decisions might be founded on. Thus, parents of adolescents must make it a priority to guide their child, especially during this stage.

Want to give an advice for a teenage daughter? Below are ten things you can tell your teenage daughters to help them in this transition.


10 Things to Teach Your Daughter

  1. Respect and express your feelings. You aren’t expected to be happy all the time. Understand and acknowledge how you feel, and learn to express them in ways that are not harmful to yourself or others.
  2. Be kind to yourself. You will experience failure multiple times in your life. Learn to accept them and move on to be better. Know that you are not a disappointment.
  3. Be resilient in the face of failure. Do not be afraid to fail. It happens to everybody all the time, and it isn’t always a bad thing. Failure is only final when you stop trying.
  4. Know that you are beautiful. There is no universal standard of beauty. Do not be blinded by glossy magazines and touched-up pictures of “perfect” models. Embrace your flaws and own them.
  5. You are strong. Do not buy into the idea that being female equates to weakness.
  6. Do not judge others. You can have your own set of beliefs, and so can others. We will never know anybody’s whole story, so we will never have the right to judge whatever they do or however they live.
  7. Be yourself. Never try to pretend to be something you’re not, not even to be friends with the cool kids or land a job in the future. You’ll attract the right things and be happiest when you’re true to yourself.
  8. They’re not looking at you weird. Most of the time, when you think everyone is being critical of every little thing you do, they’re not. Walk confidently into a room. They’re not criticizing what you wear or how you walk. Always do your best and rest assured you’ll be all right.
  9. Live in the now. Stop worrying about what happened yesterday. There’s nothing you can do about it, and it wasn’t that bad. Always be present in the now. Tomorrow will take care of itself if you take care of yourself today.
  10. Everything happens for a reason and when they’re supposed to. Don’t grow up too fast. Don’t rush into love. Don’t do things for the wrong reasons. What’s meant to be will happen eventually—at the best time, in the best way possible.


Always find a way to slip these little nuggets in daily conversations with your daughter. There’s nothing like the love between a mother and daughter that can prepare her to take on the world.

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