The Threats of Teenage and Premarital Pregnancies on Women

Why we need to educate teenagers regarding premarital affairs




Premarital sex used to be taboo. In this Christian-dominated world, the idea of having sex out of wedlock almost always implies to having a child out of wedlock as well. This may seem irrational, yet it can’t be denied that many childbirths and cases of teenage pregnancies are results of premarital sex.

The modern age is a time of liberation, freedom of expression, and freedom to do whatever we want with our bodies. While this is good for many people, it is a very dangerous place. The church’s cry against premarital sex is not totally ungrounded. This advocacy is not solely to oppose sexual intercourse out of wedlock but also to ensure that no one would bear a child unprepared. Knowing that a significant number of premarital pregnancies are also teenage pregnancies, it becomes a warning for parents to make sure their children are aware of the many repercussions of pregnancy and how this could change their lives.

Women who get pregnant before marriage are not entitled to the support of the father. When a man refuses to take the responsibilities to father the child, the woman is left alone to raise the kid. Most mothers suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which may hinder them from fully supporting a child. In return, the child would feel unwanted.




An unwanted child will bear the consequences of his or her parents’ mistake. Most unwanted children will have a hard time developing their personalities and have trouble establishing relationships. They will often feel neglected, which may pose threat on the child’s physical, mental, and emotional health. Most of the neglected children have learning disabilities and separation anxiety, which can later on develop to antisocial disorders and impaired learning when untreated. Unwanted daughters in particular may become victims of abuse and engage in teenage sex as well, thinking that they can fill the void left by their mothers by being with another man.

There is no need to judge those who have fallen into the trap of premarital pregnancy. No fate is sealed, and those who wish to recover can still change their lives if they really want to. However, as parents, it is important that we guide our children and educate them on the hazards of premarital sex and teenage pregnancies. Sex education is an effective tool, but this should be reinforced at home. It is not enough that they understand how the body works; they should also understand the morals behind the precaution when engaging in premarital affairs.

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