Preparing a Young Adult for Marriage

Key to preparing for and keeping a happy marriage




Marriage is a lifelong commitment that entails a lot of time and effort. Although young adults aged twenty-four to thirty are old enough to handle such commitment, they still need a hand or two from their parents.

Some children look to their parents’ marriage as a guide to a successful marriage. Chances are, they may need your assistance in figuring it out.

So, if you’re a parent who wants to lend their child a helping hand in having and maintaining a happy marriage, remember to communicate with your child effectively. Instead of demanding respect from your kid, command it. If parents and children show mutual respect toward each other, they’ll be both on the same page, which makes things a lot easier.

Mutual respect toward family members is an important component in forming a solid and flexible alliance between one another. This type of alliance enables parents to help their children with relationship matters, should they ever engage in serious ones that can potentially lead to marriage. Because parents can’t exactly pick out a spouse for their child in this day and age, they just have to trust and believe that their children will make the right decisions for themselves. If the wisdom and family values attained from their years growing up shine through in their relationships, it’s an indication that the parents have raised the child well.

Spouse selection is different from picking out which outfit to wear for the day. Remember, it is a complicated web that gets extended to new people. Being a husband or wife is a whole other ballpark from being a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Because pitfalls within a marriage are unavoidable, young adults must brace themselves for the problems ahead. They can use the wisdom they attained from their parents to help them get through issues that need work. It won’t be sunshine and rainbows 100 percent of the time, so expect trials.

A successful marriage requires not only love but time and effort as well. Seeing a marriage counselor may work wonders on their relationship—after all, it isn’t a crime to ask for professional help once in a while. Husbands and wives should put in their fair share of work in keeping their union alive.

If you’re a young adult on your way to walking down to the aisle, remember to keep this piece in mind. It may help you out as you navigate your marriage.


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