Letting Go of Your Child

Why Letting Go for Good Is Absolutely Necessary for Every Parent-Child Relationship


letting go


It’s every parent’s dream to see their child succeed, but to make it, parents should know that their child will need the freedom to venture out on their own. Yes, this time, you have come to the point where training your child is over and you have to learn the science of letting go.

Your child may be going to college or finding a job or getting married and having a family of their own. In these defining events, you want to protect your child from experiencing the bad. But what you’re doing is actually hampering the process of growth. There’s no stopping it—sooner or later, your child will be out of your door before you can say “Stop!”

I can’t blame you for feeling pained whenever you realize that after many years of seeing your child grow under your care, he or she will soon be separated from you. This is the reality of life. Parents who are attached to their children for more than a good many years should be prepared for this milestone to happen. For the child, it will be the first time they will be separated from their parents for a very long time. They are now independent individuals who are going to live life on their own.

Without your presence, your child can now be able to fully apply all those things he or she has learned from you. If you thought you have taught and loved them well, then you don’t have to be worried. Letting go of worries will become possible if you have trained your child well. At this stage, training them will have the least impact on their decisions. You have no more control of his or her decision-making, but you can influence him or her to choose the right one and the best one for his or her life. Only by letting go will you give your child an opportunity to live fully.

A new chapter in your child’s life has been opened, and you have to accept the fact that you will no longer have the leading role but the supporting one whose presence is always in the background. It will be not easy, but it is necessary for them to be able to live and strive on their own. You may feel scared for your child, but this fear will hinder their development as a person. Therefore, letting go for good is not a bad thing, a form of neglect, or a lack of parenting on your part. It’s more of a strong sacrifice you have to make and a big favor you can do to your child.

Inasmuch as you want your child to be near you every day, it is not right to let them live under your roof. Your house is the classroom where you can control everything inside. Out there is the real world, and out there is the place where your child will grow independent. Always remember that under your roof, you can’t teach them everything. This is why letting go of your child is what he or she needs to do in order to find what he or she truly wants. Letting go of your child is letting them experience life at its best, at its worst, and all else in between.

One of the greatest fears in a parent’s life is to see their children caught up in the storm of failures, heartaches, and disappointments. It aches us to see our children hurt. But this is a part of life that needs to be learned and understood by your child in order to be a stronger and wiser person. Don’t let your child become afraid of fear and avoid it altogether. To help them get through a bad event, this is where a parent’s love comes in. Your role now is to make sure your child can still feel your undying love and support for him or her from miles away. It will help them further when you remind them of the things that they were taught when they were younger. Because you love your child, you let him or her go. Love is letting go of fear. When your child feels your love, life becomes less frightening and more reassuring.


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